Program and Curriculum


We are a full Spanish Immersion program. This means that our staff speak Spanish to the children all day long, with the exception of the young infants who are spoken to in a 50/50 mix of Spanish and English.

La empresa


Infants (age 6 weeks to 15 months)


Every infant is unique. We care for each infant individually according to their routines, personality, and parent's wishes. Our infant curriculum focuses on the acquisition of new skills and developmental milestones. We speak to infants in a mix of Spanish and English.

In our infant program, parents provide bottled breast milk or formula, and baby food/cereal. As infants begin eating normal table food, we transition them onto our meal program, which provides breakfast, lunch, snacks, and whole milk (at no extra charge).

With older infants, we focus on walking, talking, feeding themselves, and transitioning to one afternoon nap, in preparation for the toddler program.


Toddlers (ages 16 months to 32 months)

 Toddlers flourish at Language of Love. We offer a well-perfected schedule that offers the stability and routines that toddlers need. Our toddler curriculum includes a theme of the week, and daily circle time followed by learning activities. We teach toddlers the alphabet, how to count, and incorporate social and natural sciences as well. Toddlers do many fun art projects, and go outside daily (weather permitting) to play in our fenced in, shaded playground. Naptime is from 1pm-3pm, and our teachers are experts at helping toddlers get to sleep through use of soft music and back-rubs.  


Preschool Program (ages 33 months and up)


Our preschool program is a full-day experience. Language of Love uses a curriculum set that focuses on kindergarten readiness skills, and aligns with Minnesotaʼs Early Learning Standards. Our curriculum includes the following content areas:

- Language and Literacy

- Math and Reasoning

- Science

- Social and Emotional Skills

- Creative Development

- Social Studies

- Physical Education

Preschoolers enjoy free choice play time in the early mornings before eating breakfast. After breakfast, preschoolers transition into learning time, which includes circle time and project time. The morning wraps up with outdoor play time, or play in our indoor playground. After lunch, preschoolers have quiet rest time from 1pm-3pm. Older preschoolers who do not nap are offered books and calm activities during this time. After rest time, preschoolers eat a snack and enjoy an afternoon class activity.